System error?


The cell shown after I submitted shows a “missing” element in yellow that is obviously (to me) part of another cell (I completed the yellow “missing” segment : → light blue on pic). Is that a system error or something else?

Cube #3987193


hi! Correct trace is lightgreen and darkblue. TBer probably added wrong seg. So if you didn’t trace on that, your accu is safe. System didn’t “know” at the moment you traced what is correct consensus, and gave you wrong information.


The third person will probably override the tber, and the wrong branch will be removed. If not, there’s always many scythes to help :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks guys for explaining. I am not familiar with how confidence for a particular patern is built on as more and more users propose their solution. I guess that before the 5th proposals, variation can be huge. Maybe the “Missing” and “Incorrect” sections shown after submit should be withheld (and the accuracy rating as well), until sufficient proposals (more than 10?) have been registered and statistically compounded. Just a suggestion.
Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:


It doesn’t affect your accuracy until wt 3


people under 80% are wt 0.1, while people over 80% are wt 1


Ok cool!
Is there a page describing all this statistical weighting and cooking protocols and how it is implemented? I am curious.


It’s funny that you mention more than 10 as we have 3 as the minimum and 5+ is considered redundant


hello hwaaim,

rousselp, I believe there are pages about that in the wiki

you can search there
explains some of it


Excellent, thx. The Consensus… Exactly what I meant. May have read that centuries ago, when I joined the gang, but I am afraid my hypocamp neurones underwent some freaky merging since then. Hope that merger soup did not attract Him Who Is Not to be Named… :cold_face:

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start with a G?


I am afraid so… but let’s not stir that unspeakable soup of mine, for He has a keen nose and may already be lurking nearby…


oh no that’s not good


have you seen a cube where 50 0.1 wt players traced a cube?


That’s effectively impossible because it requires a bunch of people with preload cubes and to start at 80% accuracy when the cube gets loaded, only to drop below once they actually play it. That can happen a couple of times, but I don’t think it happens the number of times (10? 30? I’m not sure) required for regular low accuracy plays to happen. I don’t think it would ever happen more than twice before someone else playing it.


I have seen cubes with 10-15 players in total with with wt 4,x on cells where most of the cubes are sc but a few cubes stay for a long time before beeing looked. players with low wt 0,1 or 0,0 if they have really bad accuracy will get assigned any cubes in a cell that is not sc regardless of wt, including scythe and admin reaped cubes. and i think they will primarily get assigned cubes with wt 3 or higher.
also the first 60 cubes a player does regardless of accuracy will be from this pool of cubes with wt 0,1

Based on this i guess in theory it would be possible to got a very high number of low accuracy players on a cube if there is a lot of new players and few available artifact cubes (few cubes not sc). But for this to affect the cube itself nearly all of them would have to do the same mistake.

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