Suggestions for when points are redone

It would be nice if people didn’t lose points (or accuracy) when something downstream of a merger gets scythed out.

It would be nice if the first player to accurately report an AI merger got a bonus for it, regardless of how it’s found or reported.  There’d be an incentive to not silently skip it.

I understand that you don’t want to do negative feedback, but I think it would be within the realm of “gaming” to deduct points for creating a merger, or for following the wrong part of a detectable merger. This might incentivize people to look harder.  But it might require teaching reorienting in the first tut (as some mergers are undetectable without turning), and perhaps making turning easier and more obvious (like maybe click to select one: xy xz yz).

One more thing: if there is a bonus for reporting a merger, make sure there’s a clear message in the log, like:

mam711 earned 1000 points for reporting a merger

Hi mam711,

Thanks for the suggestions! We really would like an in-game reporting system (the admins have this on their wish-list), however our current structure isn’t able to support it (plus we don’t have the developer manpower). One day!