Submit Button Location

The Submit Button overlaps the 2-D and is sometimes slow to respond, so it’s very easy to hit the button twice–and end up coloring something unintended.  There seems to be room below the 2-D.  It would be great if the button could be moved there, or somewhere else that will not cause unintended coloring. 

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Agreed and seconded. also plz plz plz add a shortcut to it :stuck_out_tongue:

shift or ctrl+enter “hits” “I’m finished” then enter hits “okay” :smiley:

Hi Sunnyway,

Thanks for the UI suggestion. We want the “Are you sure?” box to be a pop-up that is brought into a player’s focus. Hiding it in the corner/bottom would defeat that purpose. I recall discussing “locking” the background when the pop-up box occurred to prevent erroneous clicking from occurring.  I’ll add that to the feature requests.

I agree with Nik, that there needs to be a hot-key shortcut. I think it might be broken actually - hopefully that will get fixed soon.

Thanks for the suggestion!