Stunning photo of the blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo

Thought you all might like this photo…  quite beautiful.

Looks great!  Thanks!

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Oh duh… silly me.  I was trying html markup and didn’t even notice all the options right in front of my eyes!  :wink:

Where is the pic?  Google says it couldn’t find the link.

Bugger… not sure why it changed. See if this works for you.

Very cool!

Dear Smalljude,

Thanks for sharing that image, unbelievable and remarkable. So let’s color those next! LOL!

Yeah not bad eh!  :)  

Nice ! Thanks for sharing it ! 

Where is the pic?  Google says it couldn't find the link.

I can find the page if I remove the erronous “http//” from the url.

 The on the front is a site with a bad user reputation. 

Try this if you missed smalljude’s correction.

Not sure if they qualify but some of Eyewire pictures would look good. Every picture on the site is neat. The past winners page is also great.

This looks a lot like a picture taken with a new technique called CLARITY. 

Which is also shown in this video:

Which leads to a question. What does the EyeWire team think of this recently discovered technique, called CLAIRTY? Will it lead to different imaging techniques being used, eventually, for this team?

I’m reviving this, it’s really cool! And really relevant!

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Awesome @atani!! We must post this on fb

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oh this is nice!