Stay At Home Games: Pets of Eyewire

If you’ve gotta be home all day, at least you can cuddle up with a fuzzy friend. Animals often make the best coworkers and co-conspirators, so show us what yours have been up to!

Even if you don’t have what some would technically consider a pet, perhaps you’ve visually “adopted” a feisty squirrel or a couple feathered friends who like to patron your yard. Or maybe you’ve got a new pet rock or a friendly volleyball-shaped pal.


And even if you’re pet-less, you can enjoy the magic of your fellow Eyewirers’ best buddies! Share the love, and share the likes! The pet pic or video with the greatest number of :heart:s will be considered the winner for our Stay At Home Games: Pets of Eyewire category! Put in your votes before April 10th at noon.

First place will receive a unique Pets of Eyewire badge, and all participants will get a Stay At Home Games badge.

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Kalisi and Drago
They keep us busy, and both love eyewire.


My dog Django, and one of my cats, Junipurr


Sheila has already appeared on Forum in the category “Show Off Your Eyewire Swag!”
Here are some more photos…


From HQ: Crobie preparing for a big meeting


My sweet girl, Bella! She is a very lazy girl and loves staying at home, so naturally she is absolutely soaking up all my time at home and the attention me and my family are giving her. She’s a black lab/beagle/something else mix that my family adopted back in 2017, and she’s a real ham.


You guys are lucky to have so many cute quarantine pals! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us :smiley:

“Ham”, an affectionate little demon i got a few weeks ago, growing faster than i can keep track of (3 months old already ;~;). Always on my lap (or as close to it as she can get) when she isnt trying to eat all my cables and toes


Sooo cute! Love the little stretching superman paws.

And oh no, not another cable monster – I have a drawer full of spare headphones for a reason now :sweat_smile:

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