Stay At Home Games: Fan Art Challenge

“Creatures” fan art by Eyewirer susi

Need a break from all the Eyewire you’ve been playing now that you’re at home every day? Why not use that time to make Eyewire fan art!

We’ve seen what Eyewire artists can do in the past, and we can’t wait to see what new creations you’ve been working on. Let your creative genius shine through and post your best homage to all things Eyewire.

Kids’ art is also welcome and encouraged, so feel free to treat this space like a virtual fridge if you’ve got some budding Eyewirers in the house. is a great resource for detailed screenshots and downloadable meshes if you’re looking for a place to begin.

Vote for the most creative, inspiring, or Eyewirery fan submission by hitting that like button! We’ll determine a winner based on the number of :heart:s, so put in your votes before April 10th at noon to be counted.

The winner will receive a unique Fan Art badge, and all participants will get a Stay At Home Games badge.

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One of my favorite pics:
The Dancer
Lets dance optimistically into the future and keep healthy!!


I discovered the Easter bunny, using some trails in EW in 2D and 3D. :wink:



This Bunny is unreal cool! :)))

Congrats to @Puzzlerine for winning Eyewire’s Stay At Home Games Fan Art category!