Stay At Home Games: Calling all Home Hobbyists!

Have you recently found yourself with some more time on your hands? Perhaps your commute to the office has been slightly shortened (we know it can still be hard to roll over and turn on that laptop screen, but you can do it!), or maybe you’re just looking for a bit of me-time away from your ever present housemates.

It sounds like the perfect time to dive deep into a new hobby! Show us what you’ve been crafting, constructing, planting, composing, or concocting. If you’ve figured out a way to make toilet paper at home, please share your secrets with the rest of us!

Post a picture or video of your favorite At-Home hobby. It may inspire your fellow Eyewirers to get creative as well! Vote for your favorites with a friendly like for the most creative, inspirational, or ambitious hobbies. We’ll determine a winner based on the number of :heart:s, so put in your votes before April 10th at noon.

The winner will receive a unique Home Hobbyist badge, and all participants will get a Stay At Home Games badge.


It’s not a physical hobby, but being stuck at home did encourage me to develop a small game about… venn diagrams of all possible things. This is a screenshot of some of the incredibly messy code I wrote in the process. As for the game, via the magic of the internet you can play it here!


One of my hobbies aside eyewire is macrophotography of flora.
Lol, i could add 100 pics…


If you wonder:
Iris, tulip, Tibuchina, Aster :slight_smile:


lol, i tried to play, but have no idea how to do…
what means z/O ??? (have problems to read the computer-letters…

Z/O just means hit Z. Select and deselect segments by clicking them (but if you select anything on the very first screen it won’t let you progress). I will admit the game doesn’t teach itself very well, and assumes a little bit of knowledge about sets…

Hey, eyewirers! I’d like to share my humble hobby that comes from my childhood.
During perestroika in the USSR, goods from the West began to arrive in the country. My attention was mainly focused on chewing gum and railway models from Germany and Austria. Models were rarely sold and only in one store in the city center. Huge queues lined up in order to buy them.

Time did not spare my old models. But now everything is much easier. So sometimes I allow myself this super relaxing hobby: to glue mini buildings and trees.


I’ve been enjoying the extra time from not commuting and using to crochet things. Most items I end up giving away but I think I might keep one or two this time.


Hi @all EW!
I like to be creative in many ways.
I love nature. Each year the cut branches of the willow trees (salix) invide me to wattle them. In the picture you can see the „chaos“ wickerwork I made these days. It´s a small puzzle for you, too:
How many EW-objects do you find in my special „salix-wired“ Easter egg? Do you find some special greetings? Make good trails and you´ll get a swag, too. :slight_smile: Good luck and with best wishes!


I’ve found 8 EW-objects.
Special greetings are “Happy Easter!”, [illegible] You + smile, and one more note on which I don’t see a text :slight_smile:


I found same as Noydor,
and a beautifully colored egg…
Bunny obviously was active last night…


Now that I’m stuck at home, I actually have some time to work on my projects–one of which is my webcomic, ONI! I have been working on it since last year but it was not until sometime in the past couple of weeks that I’ve published it officially on WEBTOON. Pictured, you can see I’ve chosen the kitchen table as my refuge, and a couple of pages I’ve worked on, the one in progress I’ve since finished. You can read my comic here. It’s not very polished compared to the many other series on WEBTOON, but I’ve just been enjoying actually publishing my work for once. Check it out if you like!


Thanks for sharing guys! All such cool hobbies! Not surprised Eyewirers are such creative types though ;D

Yes, you´re right. The missing text is: THANK YOU :slightly_smiling_face: and “Jesus is alive”.