Star burst tutorial

Recently tried the Star Burst Tutorial but can’t make it through 6 as required.  I find the neurons almost impossible to “follow”.  Some have what appear to be clear borders but when I submit my work the tutorial comes up with red (missed).  Have other found this difficult?  I did find some old posts about issues with this tutorial.

FYI, I have completed 236 cubes, so I guess I’m not a complete new comer.

I am having the same trouble as well, I once got to the 5th cube, but I messed up and the game sent me back to practice cube 1

Hey Unclewilley,

The Star Burst Tutorial consists of two stages. Stage 1: 6 cubes with which you must have an accuracy of at least 90% each to move forward. Stage 2: You must have an accuracy of at least 80% on the 6 randomly assigned Star Burst cubes. If you don’t achieve at least 80% accuracy on each cube in this 2nd stage, you will be sent back to the first of the 6 cubes. All of the Star Burst extensions can be quite tricky. Try looking for areas with either jagged or entirely flat edges for continuation. We know this tutorial can be quite brutal, but after a few attempts, you should be able to land it. Trial by fire! Have fun! laughs maniacally 

I felt the same way. I actually quit but the trick is to take your time and it’s very rewarding. I got to chat with admins/mentors/scythes and its very fun when your done.