[SPR] Special Personal Request :)

Hi !

My 21 years old cousin (girl) is looking for an internship in cosmetics research. So in a company like L’Oreal or any little company (just to be readable).

So i post here in case someone know someone who know someone, you know.
She is really studious, punchy, dynamic, intelligent… well she really deserve to find and it’s really hard to find in France.
She is an OpenMind and a traveler, so anywhere in the world should be awesome !

She has 2 months left to find, so i decide to try my contacts and EW forum !

I can send her English Resume and any kind of thing needed.

I thanks you a lot for the reading :slight_smile:


a UP for my cousin Camille :slight_smile:

Oh Dear EyeWire HQ,
In your so beautiful branches
could you please adding a nub
and according a wall of traces
for a good way to the neuron
for my cousin to her connectome

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