Some problem: chat seems not to work

I came back after 2 years absence.
2 problems occur: chat seems not to work most of the time!
Where do I tell about a merger? In this case in cube 1706366

I use a Mac, Safari
Thank for the help

Ah safari is not supported, and it may be the source of your problems. Eyewire, officially, supports Chrome and/or Firefox.

As for the merger it’s actually an autapse, meaning two nubs (or parts of the dendrite) touching.

Chat doesn’t work for me either. The weird thing is, it was working hours ago. Then it stopped. Before that it hadn’t worked for months.

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Do you have any antivirus/internet security/ firewall popup/ad/script blockers/ whitelist ew in all of them

also try and send the "RESULT ID: ##### " to devs/support might help them help you.

Thanks, I’ll whitelist in kaspersky and send the websocket results to

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