Should I submit another promotion request?


Hi, I was away for a while, but am back again, and noticed the new Scout, Scythe, etc. roles. I read that one could submit open (non-sponsored) promotion requests during even-numbered months, and well, this is August. So I dropped an application earlier this week.

Today, I logged in to find the announcement about open promotions being open now, to be decided after the marathon. Since I just submitted an app a few days ago, will that be seen? Or should I submit again? I’d like to be seen, but I definitely don’t want to spam the team if it’s not necessary.

Any advice is welcome.



All open promotion requests are received by the team no matter when you send them in AFAIK. But you can send an email to support if you want to be totally sure.


Hi upcyclist,

Thanks for your interest in becoming a scout! It looks like you initially filled out the form request to be sponsored by fellow players. If you’re interested in being promoted via the open non-sponsored method by HQ, I suggest filling out the form here for the HQ one. You can also access this HQ form via the notification you saw about Open Promotions.

Sorry for the extra work! But since there are two different promotion tracks, HQ will be sure to see your application this way.