Shorten mouse trips

A minor issue, but it sums up:
when finished with a cube you click on “I’m finished” at the BOTTOM of the window
then an insert shows up at the CENTER (?) of the window and to “SUBMIT” you have to move the mouse/cursor up to this place
then - on the ranking list the “PROCEED” button is again on the BOTTOM
see montageClip

If you could place the “SUBMIT” insert immediately above the “I’m finished”-field (or to the right of it)
- so that it ends up being below (close to) the subsequent target - the “PROCEED” Button -
it  would shorten these mouse trip routines between cubes quite a bit.
especially with larger screens.

It’s a feature. It keeps you awake. If you can’t handle it any longer it means you are too sleepy to be tracing neurons. :slight_smile: