Secret Santa 2017


Woooo!! Thank you! @annkri amazing secret santa gift! :smiley:



Some delicious cookies and herbal tea and a lovely ornament, complete with origami crane, which now resides on our mantel. We immediately had some cookies, and unanimously pronounced each yummier than the last!


Nikitas!!! Ευχαριστώ!!!! I love the poetry and the chance to read and learn!!! Thank you!!!


You're most welcome :smiley: Hope you like them, Elytis is 1/2 of Greek poets who has gotten a Nobel and Cavafy book should also have Ithaka in. :slight_smile:


awwww! that's awesome!


Thanks for the lovely book @Xynopt! Looks like I'll have some good reading to do in the near future :slight_smile:
Love all the stickers on the card as well!

(p.s. does anyone know how to do an image rotation on here?)
(N: Fixed it for you :slight_smile: )


Had a lovely red parcel waiting for me when i got home last night!

Thank you so much baraitalo!! I'm loving the presents and the kitties are loving the box!

Awesome primate stuff!

Sterling and Rambler had a short discussion over who got the box first

Rambler got the first turn at the box!

Thank you again bara!


you're most welcome! and the box is a bonus!


@celiad! Thank you so much oh golden secret santa! Sweetest kittie presents arrived at work and all-round much admired.

and you're a caligrapher to boot!

(apols for the background tut, have to grab cat inspection pics when you can!)


Hey! I got a book yesterday and there was no card or anything attached to it, only the bill. I called all my friends and team members but nobody had a clue so I was thinking maybe it was my Secret Santa but not sure.

In case it was one of my fellow players come out come out whoever you are, I want to say Thank you for being so incredibly spot on! I was on my way to meditation and my teacher was really excited about the book he recommends a lot of students so the timing was perfect <3


My Secret Santa present just came in right time.
Parcels too cute to open.

But then i couldn’t wait, felt like a little child and – uiuiui what a selection, every content just wonderful!
Thanks so much @Atani , you spoil me :relaxed:


Some days things go well, and other days, not so much so! I am your secret santa! There should have been a NOTE, not a bill, with Christmas wishes!!! And, there is more to come! But, it got sent to my house so it will be just a tad late! I am so glad you like it, it means that you should like package #2!! Merry Christmas, Anke!!!


Michelle, that is so awesome!!! <3 <3 <3 It is the best gift ever and I carry the book already around wherever I go, thanks so so much! :-* Merry Christmas!


Thank you to Susi for the pretty Eyewire calendar and some Swiss chocolate bars.


One of my favourite books, not rocket science but a very gentle reminder why it's worth to be happy :heart:


r3,thank you so much for the chocolate (won’t last long), kitchen toys, and shells. I probably won’t bake more cookies for New Years but it will be fun playing later in the year. Perfect gift!



Michelle, I cannot thank you enough for this gift! Today was such a stressful day again and then I received this :smile::heart:️ the timing couldn't be better! The sound it beautiful and I wish I could give you a big hug for giving me the motivation for some extra peace and quiet time :kissing_heart:


goodness me, a surfeit of cards just arrived!
Thanks Nik and to the EW HQ golden people :slight_smile:


you're most welcome :slight_smile:


After long last!

Thank you very much kinryuu for the card, as well as the assortment of useful gifts! I really was looking for some of those, and I'm glad you provided. :smiley:

EDIT: I'm sorry for some of the packages being empty; I just couldn't resist opening them before snapping a pic!