Secret Santa 2015


Hey EyeWirers!

It’s time for the 3rd annual EyeWire Gift Exchange. Those of you who signed up, post pics of your gifts in this thread!

Important dates:

  • Signup deadline: Dec 2
  • Matching: Dec 3
  • Deadline to ship: Dec 12

Spending limit: $10-20 USD

Note that most matches are international, so your gift may arrive after Christmas.


How exciting! :smiley:

Can’t wait to see everyone’s gifts!


Packing presents! I have 2 matches this year hehe


So a Greek Geek came Bearing a Gift and it was far from one to beware of. Thanks Nik for my next Joseph Conrad read; you’re a super Secret Santa! Happy Holidays to you and to everyone in EyeWire. (Amy, thanks for doing this.)


Woohoo, and I was one of them!! Thanks Amy, I love the paints and brushes, and of course the CHOCOLATE to keep my painting energy up!

Everything was snugly tucked into this great Stocking.

A rainbow of watercolor paints and brushes! With a Mecha Santa card (does Santa look like Jamie from Mythbusters to anyone else??) , and …


A totally wonderful bunch of gifts, thank you Amy!



Now that you mention it…Mecha Santa DOES look like Jamie! O.o


Wow Amy, thanks so much! I take much pleasure on the Crystal-Growing-Kit, the pretty package and your nice words! I wi!l post outcomes later! Just for you I lighted some candles on our Xmas tree!


yayyy! awesome to see these presents!


so glad you like it! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!


haha Santa Jamie! Glad you like the paints! Hope to see some art in the future :slight_smile:


Found the cutest little package waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home today!

Love love love the keychain, the picture cannot do justice about how cool it is! You can actually see through the lenses and the image is inverted just like in a real eye! It also opens so you can see the internal structures!

Thank you so much CeliaD!!!


That looks sooooooo cool!! :smiley:


Yayyy glad you like it! Merry merry!


Look what was in the mail this morning!! Thanks soooo much to kinryuu for being my Secret Santa, I am over the moon about the travel accessories! In Feb/March I will be backpacking a few weeks with my sister through Costa Rica and was already wondering what to take instead of my normal case, you nailed it! <3 <3 <3

The cats say thank you as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Box is occupied now and declared the new house ^^

Merry Christmas!! :evergreen_tree: :gift: :tada:


This little guy is going to fit in great at HQ! Thanks so much Atani, he will be well loved! Very soft and fluffy just like the real Grim :smiley:


Adorable <3


Too cute!!!


I’m glad everyone approved of the gift and packaging :smile :gift:


Thank you, thank you, oh Secret Santa, Kim-Jung AKA jte712! The coffee is amazing, perfect. And the sweets are yummy! I will have some crackers tomorrow!


Glad you like him! Just to clarify, I’m not actually your secret santa, He was just too cute to not send!