Scythe Marathon feedback thread (mostly for Scythes, but not entirely!)


Hi Scythes! We’ve done several Scythe Marathons at this point and we’re under the impression that they’re going fairly well at this point, provided that the spawner and mesher continue behaving better than they used to. Since Scythe Marathons come with additional bonus opportunities for Scythes, and since “regular” admin-managed marathons often wind up with a lot of SCing anyway, the GMs are wondering if a reasonable number of Scythes would enjoy it if we no longer differentiated between Scythe Marathons and other marathons-- putting all marathons in Scythe hands instead, and giving you the chance at a 10k SC bonus every month instead of every other month.

Obviously there may be different preferences among you, but we figured we’d find out what those preferences are before we make a decision. If it seems like some majority of our active Scythes want to “control” all marathon cells, we can make that change effective in December. Just let us know, and if you (or any non-Scythes) have any thoughts about how the Scythe Marathons have been going so far, we’re curious to hear.

Thanks and congrats again on a great marathon this month!


good idea, you can count on me :slight_smile:


I like having both HQ and Scythe marathons even if I’ll sc on both. :slight_smile:


would be nice with the extra points for sc in a scythe marathon, but personaly i like the variation you get with a bit different competitions. What i miss would be a different kind of marathon we could have every other month some possibilities would be

  • trace as many cells as possible in 24h (scythe controlled)
  • a set amount of cubes or points we should reach for the community in 24h

Those are interesting ideas! I like your suggestion for tracing as many cells as possible in 24 hours, with Scythe control. Maybe we could aim for that during major challenge weeks and alternate that with the single-cell marathons during the “off-months.”


Bumping this one more time to get feedback from more Scythes. Thanks in advance!

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I like the idea of trying to complete as many cells as possible in a 24 hr period, that sounds like fun. And I am certainly not one to turn down the opportunity to gain more points. However, I am less than enthusiastic about the idea of having the gm’s less involved.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! The GMs would like to do the next marathon as a Scythe Marathon and introduce that as a consistent monthly marathon format, but on off-months (non-weeklong-competition months) we’ll probably also experiment with things that add variety like what annkri described. Stay tuned in January for what the first experiment will involve!