Scythe complete add-on

Scythe complete has in my opinion greatly helped to complete cells faster. Unlike Admin complete it doesnt stop players from replaying these cubes, though, and thus possibly removing or altering already complete parts. for that reason i propose adding a feature that stops players from getting cubes when a scythe has marked them as complete and these cubes have been checked and confirmed by at least one or two other scouts. the cubes would of course still need to be rechecked by an admin but it would speed up cell completion.

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Oh I like this :smiley: maybe make it easier and have a “Confirm” next to complete ancestors" button which will confirm the marking for that cube/ or make confirm ancestors+children buttons.

Could also be put on a list for admins to check first.

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scythes and admins can see those with a heat map called ‘scythe vision’ so both groups know if a branch has been scythe-completed. I think they do check those first as they can be more sure that nothing is -usually- missing there as it has been checked by one or more scythes.

Yes, you’re correct. We do usually check the scythe completed branches first. Be on the lookout - we’re working on a top-secret feature that may possibly be related to this… :slight_smile:

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woooo!!! :smiley: can’t wait for 2nd eyewire aniversary :smiley: (amy told us it will be launched then :P)