Scouts & Scythes Manual updates


Hi Scouts and Scythes,

We recently fielded several questions about material that was in (or not yet in!) the Scouts & Scythes Manual, and Scythes can now freeze cubes, while Scouts can now view duplicate segments in cube… so I want to let you know that there are updates in the manual to reflect all of these answers/changes! The sections everyone may want to review:

In “Eyewire’s Advanced Features”: The Toolbox
In “Eyewire’s Advanced Features”: The Scouts’ Log
In “Scouting 101”: Inspect Mode

And for Scythes only: For Scythes: Reaping

There you should find anything you’d like to know about duplicates, Scythe Freeze, reaping cubes without making changes, and what weight to bother checking/reaping/SCing at. If you haven’t read the manual in a while, now is also a good opportunity to do so and make sure you’re on the same page with current procedures.

HQ is aware that we don’t yet have an optimal way to alert you about manual updates, which is one reason we’re building our notifications system (and that will be ready for testing rather soon). For the hopefully short time being, these updates are being highlighted in the forum because we have a pretty good idea of who checks it, and you can also ask questions here more easily than in an e-mail chain and less ephemerally than in chat. On that note, let me know here if you find any of the above sections to require further clarification, and thanks for reading!


For clarification
So far as i know the current policy when reaping a cube is to also sc and log it to get it out of play so fast as possible (people with low acc will still get reaped cubes in play, and it can be confusing why review and the cell they played are not the same, and make it more difficault to get over the threshold) since the cube is logged we will still get second (and possible third) option on the cube.

but when reading the manual you do not wish us to sc the cubes we reap, is this a new policy we have to follow in the future or are the manual wrong?


If im not mistaken they mean reapgrow in manual, but i could be mistaken. In normal cell checking completing it makes sense to complete after reaping a cube, if you’ve reaped you believe it is correct, now. (we all can make mistakes but in gen cube should/wil be complete/correct after reaping it).


clearly talking about normal reaping to fix a mistake in the passage i am talking about.

Just to reiterate, don’t Scythe Complete something unless it’s really okay; if you have reaped a cube already, it’s not worth declaring Scythe Complete until you know the problem is gone, or if you can tell from either the overview or inspecting that a new problem hasn’t been created. But at the same time, remember that if you do make a mistake, another Scythe or an admin will look at what you’ve done and adjust it as necessary. Again, we haven’t promoted you for nothing!


Hi annkri,

Thank you for posting the passage you are confused about. This passage is cautioning against blindly scythe completing a cube immediately after you reap it. Sometimes it takes the spawner a minute to catch up once a cube has been reaped or perhaps, something that got added has turned into a duplicate or a merger. From my own personal experience from inspecting and completing cells, I have seen reaped cubes that got completed before they were allowed to properly spawn any new branches or remove any mergers.

We recommend taking a brief “pause” to wait for any updates to occur after you have reaped a cube. Once you are sure it has properly been updated and there are no new problems, you are welcome to scythe complete the cube.

I hope this makes sense. If you need further clarification, please let us know!