Scout's log


Hey guys

I don’t have the scout’s log anymore, It’s not in my add ons and i can’t find a place to download it :frowning:

When I try to reap a cube, I just get a haze over my screen and nothing happens, please help :frowning:



Problem seems to have resolved itself.


Hi Ash, it must be a bug, had same problem a while ago. I actually do have my SL, yet checked. You don´t have any items at the bottom? Can´t toggle on SL with “Alt+L” ? This works for me good. Sometimes this little scythe-icon just disappears and I don´t know why. Refreshing EW also doesn´t work?
A year ago Twister made an entry in this blog : Scouts' Log potential temporary fix . Perhaps you can try this method temporally to play again. There had also been a download page for SL ( earlier, but it doesn´t work any more.
Hope it will work for you, or someone else does help with more information how to re-install SL. Ask admins in chat eventually. They always help :slight_smile: GW

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I seems to happen evertime I clear my cookies and cache that the log disappears.
It happened again :frowning:

Also lost the notifications, it completly empty… mhh