Scout Log "details" no number


I think it's a bug, i noticed it for some weeks now but never post about.

In this screen i'm selecting a cube with 1 entry in log. but detail don't show the number. Is it just a bug or the numbers have never been displayed ?

It would be very efficient if it could be added, even for SC :slight_smile:

Edit : forgot to mention that "SC" is logged.


May be a bug in the vertical alignment, it shows it for me in horizontal one.


Hi Kfay,

Cube details will show the number of entries if the cube has not been set to good. If it is set to good, it will not show a number. This is emphasize whether the cube has an open task/problem or if it is just a normal cube. (Every cube when clicked on has "cube details" available so the numbers are there to say hey, this cube does have a problem).



Hi @sorek_m,

i report the bug with another picture. This one have a merger issue, as you can see, but details don't show the number :


Hi Kfay,

Thanks for letting us know. We'll pass this bug along to eldendaf who still works on the log. It looks like it has an issue when the log is in vertical state rather than horizontal.



Always happy to help ! Thanks to you all, always doing your best in this so great platform ! :slight_smile: