Scoring issue

This maybe something that has been discussed before.

When doing the ‘training’ for some of the more advanced portions where you need ~80% to move on some of the cubes can really mess you up. If you are given a cube that already has a neuron tract that is almost totally filled in by the computer and you only need to add a small portion to complete it and you mistakenly put another small portion onto it incorrectly you are docked alot of % points. This doesn’t seem to make much sense to me because you made a small mistake but your docked huge for it. Shouldn’t the % include the amount already computed by the computer (algorithm)? This would make more sense to me. If you only have to add say 5% and you add that plus say half that amount incorrectly somewhere else, thats a 50% accuracy but in reality the whole thing is 98% correct.

This is frustrating when trying to get the 6 cubes at greater than 80% in a row!

Good practice, though :slight_smile:

or discouraging enough to make me stop playing… 

Well, yes, it can be frustrating, although I’m sure you realize everyone here encountered the same thing.

But note that “accuracy” isn’t about the accuracy of the final trace – it’s about your accuracy. If you have 10% of the trace to do, your accuracy comes only from how accurately you do that 10%. If you trace not only the correct 10% but also an additional 10%, your accuracy rating isn’t 90%; it’s 50% - half of your work was right, half was wrong. If you trace 10% but it’s the wrong 10%, you’re not 90% accurate; you’re 0% accurate.

A belated thanks for your query, tracer911. It does happen that our developers and neuroscience squad are frequently re-examining our accuracy algorithm, and there was even a meeting about it today. I believe any updates to the algorithm are currently under wraps, but if you would ever like to find out more about the current setup, I suggest e-mailing


Actually, the query was from arising, who I suspect simply gave up.