Science for Better Games

Northeastern University researchers are conducting a survey to learn about how to make better citizen science games . To take this survey, visit . Thank you for supporting our research!

This survey takes 15 minutes . We really appreciate your participation!

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The survey keeps saying I’ve selected more than one response per column when I haven’t?

Hi Oreliel, please check to make sure each rank (column) is only used once. If you’re still having trouble, you can send me a screenshot at

I’m having the same trouble too!

Hi hawaiisunfun, yes could you send me a screenshot at I’d like to see the issue you’re having.

Just posting here. Idk if email will go through.

Hi hawaiisunfun, each row and column needs exactly one answer. Here’s a partial example:

I did that, and it still had the same issue. It even shows on your photo.

The photo was just a mock-up. Here’s what it would look like without the error.

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I see. I think I know what’s the issue. How come it’s only one response per column? I guess I was doing one response per row. The top, instead of saying ‘most/least important’, it should be ‘highest/lowest priority’. I think that’ll prevent confusion.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Something really important: it should say for the warning ‘column’ instead of ‘row’. That’s I believe where the confusion stems from!