Return of the Hunt (Please?)


Hi hi!

I was talking to some other players in chat and it sounds like there are several people who are ready for a break from evil cubes.So I was wondering, would it be a possibility to maybe do evils every other competition, and the comps that don't have evils, have a hunt cell? It sounds like hunts are very popular and well received by the players (I know I really enjoyed them, even if I did call the bot names when i got my guesses wrong :joy: ) I know y'all are busy and hunts are fairly labor intensive, but please? If there is anything I could help you with to make a hunt happen I would be more than willing to!

Cheers! :monkey:


I second the motion! :clap:


I would like to add weight to that suggestion! :wink: Looooove the hunt.


and let us help making it! :smiley: xD pretty plz puppeh eyes


good idea! I would be glad to help!


Yes please! :heart_eyes:


In this context i think that many players would appreciate the possibility to exercise in tough cubes, but not on cost of loss of accuracy and bad feeling, when not successful. Perhaps we could create kind of advanced tutorials (outside of challenges)? Or would it be possible to not incorporate accuracy-calculation in evil-challenges?


Yes!!! Especially if i get my computer fixed and can play!! I miss you guys!


Thank you all for your feedback. We will take your suggestions into consideration.


We miss you too!


I love Evils.... But Hunt ! :yum:


OK I've been sold the idea! Bring it on!


Much appreciated!


i think a hunt once in a while would be great to play, i also think something like it could be made more permanent as tutorial for scouts. If it is not to much work i would really like it if you could do something like the tutorial on evil cubes where you get a respons on what is the correct trace after it is done and you are able to see where you did wrong. I think this would be a great learning experience in advanced tracing.


As a fairly new scout, I think it would be AWESOME FUN to do this! I am totally hyped for this thing!!!:joy_cat:


So just an update to this thread: it's been agreed that we will bring back the Hunt at least once this year. In the spirit of mystery I won't yet tell you when it's happening, and we also can't guarantee that it will alternate with Evil Cubes from competition to competition until we determine the viability. But we'll be giving things a try, just to see how repeatable it really is. Please note that the Hunt cell will be entirely admin-prepped and it will not be from any recent, current, or upcoming cells, so there will be no use trying to guess which one we plan to use. :sunglasses:

In the meantime, we will also still make sure to remove Evil Cubes accuracy from your Level 1 accuracy before the next Evil Cubes happen.


HECK YEAH! :smiley:

and if it's feasibly repeatable plz plz plz plz plz in all that is good and holly allow ppl to help in designing it/them :smiley:


and lol statistically so far all of them have been SACs :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Glomps everyone at HQ

You guys are so, incredibly, beyond awesome!


How exciting! Also, I am glad that you are fixing the Evil Cubes accuracy now. It took me months to get my lvl 1 accuracy back up to par lol