Reslice images in different orientation


I did not find similar suggestions so here it is:
-the neurons have rather tortous  and difficult srtucture, which is not easy to follow only in one oriantation.
it would be good to slice the image volume in other orientation as well so user would be able to swith to orthogonal image orientation to check possible neuron’s path.
it may be limited to having just three orientation planes, like xy yz xz, but it can be done also with any resclicing plane which user can rotate in respect to 3d neuron model in order to choose suitable orientation

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Click the help button (question mark) … there are some shortcut keys you mght be interested in.

To do what you want, hold down ALT when your mouse is on top of the slice view, and left-click drag.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

P.s.: You are entirely right. Using this technique you can often find branches you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. They should definitely incorporate this functionality in a tutorial somewhere.
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Thanks, this seems to be a new feature. You have to be slick with the dragging or it just rotates the cube. The thing happens when you see two perpendicular planes in the 2D view.

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Be sure to REALLY click-drag the mouse over, to see other planes come into view. 

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Yes, this needs to be put into a tutorial! You have no idea how much puzzling, squinting, aguish & hesitation over hitting the “I’m finished” button could have been saved if I had known this from the start. 

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We want to keep the tutorial now simple and to the point, but we will be releasing a more advanced version of it including that and other tips and tricks.


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It would be really nice if we could just type something like “/xy”,"/xz" or “/yz” to switch the plane of the 2D slice. It takes me many multiple tries to get the orientation I want using Alt-click-drag.


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OMGoodness. Can’t believe I just learned this! I don’t have very good control over it, but every change, however random, seems to be helpful.

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We’ve talked about redesigning the UI to more friendly about switching planes.  Even the admins have to keep flipping until we get to the right plane, so please know that we completely understand.  It’s certainly something on our future feature suggestions to-do list :slight_smile:
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