[Request] Fort "Playing button" skip already played/voted cubes


Think all is said in the title.
In Fort, when i use "Play Button", it still select cubes i already reap or reaped/voted.
It could be awesome if it could skip thoses ones and only show nonreaped and non voted cubes :smiley:


nah, we just need reaping wt increased to 4 - 6 , it'll also make merger removal - MUCH- easier and since the cube wt will be 4-6 it wont be playable after 1 reap so you wont get it when "playing button" is pressed :P.


Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, changing the way cubes are served wouldn't be an easy fix. Just an FYI, cubes are served to you in order from lowest to highest weight. So if you were to start getting cubes that were already scythed, then you probably are either waiting for something to spawn or you've finished the branch/cell. With the real-time mesher in place, you don't necessarily need to use the "start playing" method of getting cubes to scythe. You can also just jump from end to end to end to grow the cell out.

Weight changes can change the balance of a game so we have to think about and weigh those decisions as far as they affect Eyewire.



dunno about balance, but i know that currently a merger having been traced by 4 players (ai or player) needs about 12 scythes to remove, this is highly inefficient. playing weight can and should remain the same but it'd make a world of difference changing the reap weight of scythes to 5 or 6 when it comes to removing mergers and imho it'd make cell completion faster since more efficient and now with you guys giving us more work to do what with -1 admin and neo/new dataset(s) incoming we can use all the efficiency we can get lol.


Hi Nik,

I understand your concern about making the system more efficient and overcoming higher weight cubes more easily. However, the system needs consideration to prevent things such as weight inflation from occurring among other things. We have some ideas on how to perhaps better the system and will try our best to incorporate player input.



thank you :slight_smile:


thanks for the replies


for fort i think it is good with weight 3 because then you can use start playing when completing to find anything uncomlpeted and also give and indication on how much is uncompleted. as for reaping power if two scythes could remove a ai merger in a weigth 4 cube that would be great but think it will make it more difficault to remove mergers in fort if i understand the system for consensus unless there is two buttons for reaping. one for reapgrowing and adding missing stuff with weight 3 and one with higher weight for reaping out mergers