Request for chat censorship


Yes, there was one dude that randomly swore without any cause

So, I would like to have some kind of official chat censorship extension which could cover these kind of stuff.


ah yes. Good Idea @juneyang2005 . Kind of awkward to be looking at chat and seeing those things


The mods have weapon against thing like that and can give people a timeout or permanently mute people from chat. That player was muted shortly after speaking. It will not be visible to players other than mods and admins when someone is muted.

So long any mods are online we will usually be relativly fast with removing players not behaving in chat.
Everyone that is old enough and have shown the resposibility needed can ask for promotion to mod to help polize the chat


I believe I could still see the texts after they got muted. I mean a way to erase the texts.


Unfortunately messages in chat indeed stay there once they’re sent, the type of chat server we’re running on doesn’t have erasure capabilities. Muting just makes someone not able to send anything in the future. We’re sorry to hear that some trolling happened, though! If we reach a point where we’re able to upgrade our chat, we may have a discussion about how to hide or preemptively block certain sorts of banned content.


ok, thanks for the info!


I’d definitely support just a basic filter for hard curse words, if that’s possible to implement.


yes that is what I am asking really that should be a thing even though 99% of EW players are kind