[Request] ability to send a log to a another scythe as PM

Hi everybody !

I was thinking about how to progress faster and better on EW, learning myself about my mistakes and i thinked about the ability of sending report between scythes.
To explain :

I was scything another scythe cube, who already completed it but there was a missing branch. So it would be cool if there was a button to send the log with picture/explanation to the scythe who completed it and made the mistake.

Kind of a button in the log entry like “send to” with names of the scythe (like it work in the forum to add a name automatically)

Just a suggestion, hope it can help to improve ! :slight_smile:

PS : back from my vacation since a week, EW is truly faster and better than ever ! Thanks you all Devs and HQ !

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you can now log any feature requests and/or bug reports in here:

official sheet from HQ for that reason. :slight_smile:
but for my penny on the matter, while i understand the sentiment behind the request i have a fear it’ll create tensions between scythes/mystics, who might see it as a constant show of critique and “look here! You missed this! Bad scythe/mystic!”

I know that’s not the reason you are suggesting this, and you have the good of the community/data at heart, but just giving you a different (possible) perspective at it. :slight_smile:

but you can always pm the scythe with a #### id and a please look at pic in cube details msg :slight_smile: but i fear it’ll maybe meet the same reaction from people.

For science!


Hi Kfay,

Thanks for the suggestion! As Nik mentioned, we now have a place to consolidate all feature suggestions and bugs. I also just added another forum topic about it to make sure that all players who visit the forum are aware of it.

And thanks for the kind words about Eyewire!


Thanks for the link @Nik, @Susi already gave me a few days ago, didn’t remember to post in it.

Yeah, like you said, it can be use/seen as a critical feature, didn’t think about that… that’s a shame. I personally like the idea any other scythe can help me improve by sending me my error/mistakes but yeah, you’re right about the fact some other scythe might not like this feature.
Maybe it could be enable only for scythe who want to receive ?

Anyway, I will post it in the sheet and we’ll see if some scythe are agree with the idea or not.

Thanks @celiad for the new post, i will read this and post :slight_smile: !