[Report] Points Panel Bug


I have this very annoying bug with the panel :

Each time i do a cube (play or reap or so) and the view come back to OV, always the panel show non synchronized "select/points). Here you can see it’s HH selected and General points showed.

It would be nice if the panel could always show the last “selection” clicked and not change it unless we clic another “select” button :slight_smile:

Thanks for the read ! Keep up the excellent work :smiley:

EDIT : I add this video demonstrating the bug in action (in my Mega account, no virus, small .mp4 file), think it will be better for you :

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Hi Kfay,

Thanks for reporting! We’re aware that the leaderboard isn’t… ideal with some of its functions. I’ll pass this bug along.



You Welcome Sorek !

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