Recipe Thread 2020

Since many of us are home for Coronavirus quarantine, suddenly there is time to cook! Here is a thread where we can share some of favorite recipes.

Made these this weekend and watch out they’re dangerous!

Hazelnut-brown-butter brownies

We make this chuck roast and eat off it for days. I add celery, parsnips, and baby potatoes to the veggie mix.

My mom made this spicy sichuan fried chicken over the weekend and loved it, think I will try this week!

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I made pineapple-upside down cake last night. Here is a recipe version using a box cake mix or you can find other recipes on the internet to make it from scratch too!


Two ingredient snacks:

  • So easy, my go-to: rip a date in half, take out the seed, put in a pecan, close, done: Date sandwich!
  • hazelnut milk: add water to hazelnuts and blend. Done!
  • Eggplant chips: slice eggplant width-wise. Add a little coconut oil and roast.
  • cucumber radish tiny sandwich: slice cucumbers and radishes width-wise, alternate layers and eat.
  • chia pudding: add any milk to chia seeds and let rest 5 minutes. Eat. If thick, add more milk

Many ingredients:

  • mushroom pizza: add fresh squeezed tomatoes to an upside down portobello cap. Add cheese on top.
  • key lime pie: date+pecan - crust, avocado+lime - filling, coconut shreds - topping
  • apple dessert: slice apple width-wise, add raisins, cinnamon, almonds, and lime juice between slices
  • ‘beef’ mushroom stroganoff:
    -nutritional yeast
    -carrots preferred, or red/orange bell pepper
    -sour cream - good karma brand
    -chanterelle preferred, or shiitake, baby bella, portobello
    -beyond meat ground beef crumbles (or fake meat alternative)
    -american cheese
    -hungarian paprika
    -gluten free pasta (corn-based, preferably ronzoni rigatoni, but better barilla - vegan; banza?)
    -opt - fresh parsley
    -*cook pasta, add fake meat, add cheese and sour cream, add mushroom, add carrot.
    -*Not cooking - add nutritional yeast, paprika, and parsley
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