Reap and Complete Stats and Scoring Update


We currently cheek the cell list for any open tasks before completing.


Just to be clear, this is what the Scouts & Scythes Manual says in a couple of places about the function of Scythe Complete.

The SC color should only indicate a cube has already been checked and it’s definitely good.

Just to reiterate, don’t Scythe Complete something unless it’s really okay; if you have reaped a cube already, it’s not worth declaring Scythe Complete until you know the problem is gone, or if you can tell from either the overview or inspecting that a new problem hasn’t been created. But at the same time, remember that if you do make a mistake, another Scythe or an admin will look at what you’ve done and adjust it as necessary. Again, we haven’t promoted you for nothing!

We have also made various statements to this effect in the forum and in chat before. But I think that ever since some point years ago, there has persisted a mistaken view that Scythe Complete is not meant to say a Scythe thinks the cube is correct, but simply that a Scythe has checked the cube. If the latter were the case, HQ would not have called the feature Scythe “Complete,” maybe something like Scythe “Review.” However, whether or not this is all comes down to semantic confusion, we released Scythe Complete for the deliberate purpose of letting Scythes make the judgment that cubes had correct consensus, and we have hoped this would be construed as an expression of trust. Over time we have also seen that this trust was well-placed. :slightly_smiling_face: In a sizeable majority of cubes, SC votes have been on par with admins’ own judgment. All that we’re trying to clarify now is how if we’re going to statistically track how accurate players’ SC votes are, then we have to make sure the system is both mechanically working the way it should and being used by all of us humans in the way it should.


Apropos of the recent dissident behavior in zfish,

Sooner or later you all are going to have to come to terms with the fact that what we are doing here is really not that difficult, and that basically any intellectually competent person can do it just as well (that includes @Nseraf , @Atani , @galarun , etc.). @susi is probably the only one here with a claim to expertise. Nevertheless, it all still just amounts to a 3D coloring book. Furthermore, playing an excessive number of cubes, at reduced accuracy (yes that’s right, “reduced accuracy”), hardly amounts to the contribution you all make it out to be. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to come behind you all, and make significant and/or major corrections, then I would own EW outright as a privately held corporation by now. You can hate me for saying so, if you like, but please start acting accordingly, and remember that this is not just a game.


@TR77 i don’t hate you, i just don’t know what you mean by dissident behaviour in zfish or otherwhwere, I don’t think i’ve done things dif. than before other than not (scythe) completing. But I didn’t do anything hostile towards you, that I know of. This kind of hostility finds me completely flumbergasted considering not 48 hrs ago you were pmying with me like the best of buddies abt the msty lordess of darkness thread.

Yeah I do mistakes, everyone does. You do as well, I as well as others have had to correct them like you correct ours, it’s the nature of ew, I think, this cooperativeness. Or so I thought. I don’t know if/what I have done to upset you so but I would have…prefered? thought? you had pm’ed me and tried to work it out like that before making such a post publically.


i agree that someone else could do everything i do just as i well as i can and even better, but one of the biggest problem for ew is that to few people join and get promoted to advanced positions and then it is important to keep the game fun for every promoted player the game already have. Rolling out big changes like this without any consideration to how the players feel are not the way to do that.


There was a lack of understanding between the staff on what was being deployed last Friday. It was stated internally as adding scythe complete accuracy to the notification. We chose to implement that by also nuking completions with scythe reaps since we felt that was also a good change. Basically, it got hidden inside another change and if all of the Eyewire staff was more aware of that, we would have communicated our plans ahead of time.


Heya there,

I’m honestly not entirely sure why I’m being called out with this, especially as I don’t think you and I have had much interactions in game, and I am not sure we have ever interacted in zfish, but if it makes you feel better, then ok. :slight_smile:

I’ve never claimed to be the best, and will not accept praise along those lines from any player, I have faults and I have good days and bad days, just as anyone does. Personally I feel like my accuracy is on par with most players, and certainly if one was to go back through old competition sheets it would prove to be so. However I’d think you might need more than a nickle for each error youve corrected in order to buy eyewire, maybe a dollar for each?

Can other players fill my place if I were to leave? Yes, I’ve do doubt they can. And it sounds like you’d personally like for me to allow for that opportunity.

I do not hate you, your opinion is your own. Whether I agree with it or not is my business and mine alone :slight_smile:


Most of the players who have been very vocal in this thread have not filled out the survey asking for formal feedback on Scythe Complete. Please consider adding your feedback, as it will be used to determine how we move forward.


You should not put down all to just a coloring book. And do not give me more competence as compared to Nik, Atani and Galarun, seeing what’s good or not in eyewire has nothing to do with scientific background.
Some of us scythes, explain ourselves more logically others more pationately, but we just try to tell what problems new adaptation causes. For me teamwork goes before points, and teamwork is best for science.


Hey everyone,

After conferring a little more at HQ, we have agreed we need to close this thread so that the interpersonal disagreement here doesn’t escalate while we are unable to monitor it outside our normal operating hours. That said, besides hoping for your further feedback in the poll that Amy linked, we want to assure you all that if you e-mail us to discuss things further, there’s no problem with that and we’ll get back to you. Also, Chris & all of us are already working on several mitigating features like locking cubes at 1 vote, determining a voxel and/or volume threshold for when SCs are removed, and releasing a way for you to see which of your SCs have been undone. It’s our impression so far that the core lingering anxieties would be addressed by those changes, so we will update you ASAP about each. But we will probably follow up further over time to make sure we’re not missing other issues. We’re very sorry again about the accidental deployment, and we promise that getting these feature improvements out is our top priority.