Quick Link to Evil Cubes Submission Form


If you’re a Scout or higher, this post is for you!

As published here on the blog, this year HQ is switching up how we collect and present Evil Cubes. We’re going to do a non-competitive “rolling” format where cube sets are launched throughout the year to help everyone have a new educational tool.

If you’d like to submit an Evil Cube, this post is here to give you a quick link for filling out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehfI0zgN_LvZ6XW81ERjj4nKbYY7h-tJVckdrdaWgNVoCoZg/viewform

To reiterate the new system:

Each week, a GM will review the form submissions; once there are 12 sufficient cubes for a set, the set will be created and launched on Eyewire. Players will be able to select the set at their leisure in the “Events” section of the Change Cell menu. The set will stay up for a fixed period of time, and a “last chance!” notification will be sent when the set is about to come down. A new set will be launched once it’s ready.

Players will be able to see how they did on each cube using Review Mode. Because of the rolling Evil Cube submissions, it will be possible for someone to play an Evil Cube that they personally submitted, but the GMs will make sure that no set has too many cubes by one person, so that there aren’t too many “freebies.” You also won’t be able to identify “your” Evil Cubes by their original IDs.

Remember that to submit Evil Cubes, you must be a Scout because you must be able to see cubes’ consensus in Inspect Mode, i.e. you must be able to see if the cube is “really” hard or not. The GMs also can’t guarantee that your Evil Cubes will be used for a set, because there can be technical problems with certain cubes, plus cubes where it’s impossible to find the right trace without viewing the cube’s relatives. However, for any Evil Cubes you submit that we do wind up using, you’ll receive a 2000 point bonus (so double or more than double whatever you earned when you played the cube itself), and you’ll also earn the Games Maker badge.

Thank you for all your Evil Cube submissions over the past few years, and here’s to more!

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