Question within record breaker tab


I have questions on record breaker tab.

  1. Why there is no high accuracy player in record?
  2. High accuracy longest streak player
  3. Youngest player
  4. Longest active player

first to my knowledge the tab for record breakers are not updated so many of the records in there are old (no new record since 2015) and are held by other people now,

1 for high accurracy several players have had daily accuracy on 100% (this is possible if you play few cubes in a day and are lucky with your cubes) but i guess it could be possible to find the players with hightest accuracy for any given month and set that in the monthly stats.

2 and how will you register longest streak player number of cubes with high acc or highest acc of the day

3 to my knowledge it is not any register over the age of players so it will not be possible to find.

4 how will you register longest active player a5hm0r will be the player with earliest registration that is playing now to my knowledge, but was inactive for quite some time. and susi registered about a month later but have been active the whole time

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there have been some players who have claimed to be 7 years old but ofc there’s no way to verify that.

there are players who have registered and are playing since 2012, one of them is bound to be the longest active one lol


Hi juneyang2005,

Ah yes, that link on the blog is a bit outdated… Sorry about that. I’ll talk to the team about adjusting that link.

If you’re looking for some info on the latest stats of the community, I suggest you check out our “Monthly Stats” posts. Here is the most recent post for the month of May. You can look for other months by searching for “monthly stats” on the blog.

Annkri’s answers to your questions are correct. I will however think about a query for longest continually active player as that would be interesting. I’m the oldest admin here at Eyewire now and I’m trying to think if any player you see online these days outdates me… lol. :wink:



Nice. But I think I saw typo in country tab. Why Switzerland is only 561 but 4th?


Hi juneyang2005,

Thanks for catching that! Yes, that’s a typo, I think a number got dropped at the end there. Oops!