Hey there,

I was just wondering, how does one be promoted to Scout? I’m not really clear on how the process works.


First you need to be able to meet this requirements

  • 500 cubes completed
  • 50,000 points
  • 90% accuracy (we will allow a little bit of flexibility here if the player is close to the 90% threshold, and has other desired qualities for scouting) (lvl 2 accuracy is most important)

Then you can at any time ask for sponsors in chat, and when you have three sponsors you will probably get promoted next friday.

You can also ask HQ for promo directly once every two months under the weeklong competition next time will be sometime near the end of february. This will be announced on blog and MOTD when it is possible to ask for it. You can ask for sponsors even if you have also asked for hq promo because your primary sponsor will have some extra responsibility to help you.


Alright, thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

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