Point system


Would it not be a much fairer system if we would drop the points awarden by volume. I can fill a whole cube with one click and earn more points then spending 10 minutes refining a single part with a large number of small parts. The bigger the volume the easier the trace.


nooooooooooo!!! volume related points are the 2k’s xD
and this what you’re describing is changing the segmentation threshold which can only be done in OMNI (parent software in lab). EW’s is fixed. End of lol doesn’t change for this game lol from what an admin had told me once, in eyewire changing the segmentation value in one cube would mess up all other cubes within the same volume (bounding box in overview aka “cube”) any other cells/cubes running withing that same volume would be messed up lol.

So we’re stuck with this unless they completely change everything and even then changing that value would not necessarily help as it could make it easy for you having to click less things but it could also fuse merger segs together creating small or gigantic AI/trace mergers which you would then have to re-alter segmentation value again to remove undoing your previous alteration and possibly work lol.

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Yes, there was a discussion about the points by volume issue when we were updating the points system last summer. We updated that system to help the points be more accuracy rather than volume based. Here’s the run-down on what makes up points right now: http://blog.eyewire.org/upgrades-to-eyewires-points-system/

One of the reasons we still “award” a large volume is to ensure that players keep tracing the branches across the cube to the edge. If a player just adds a big incorrect chunk to get volume points, then they’re going to take a hit to their “effort” and their “accuracy” scores. With every bad trace, they’ll keep getting less points.

Try to think of getting a cube with an easy large segment as a way of winning the Eyewire lottery. You never know what type of cube/branch trace you’ll get and if you manage to find one of those cubes, then huzzah!

Nseraf does bring up an interesting point on segment volume adjustment too.


Thanks for the insight guys. I’m definitifly not suggesting that the segmentation should change. That would be counter productive. Merely stating that i think accuracy and effort should count heavier than volume. But as Sorek_m already stated that has been taken into account already in the new updates.

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