Platform Support

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If you want significant participation from the general public, you need to increase the platforms that people can play on. I tried last night with my tablet at home. Fail. I tried again just now, while on lunch break, from my PC at work (which has IE). Fail again. I play a MMO game and had planned to advertise to the others to try this, but I guess I’m out. I do wish you the best of luck though.

Hi jfkramer,

Sorry that you had such a negative experience with this.  The things that we are doing with this site are very cutting edge.  As such, it’s actually impossible for us to support IE in any form given it’s current state.  We do plan on supporting tablets and phones at some point, but there are 2 stumbling blocks there.  First, webgl support for tablets is experimental at best, and not supported by a lot of mobile browsers.  Second, touch interaction is different enough that we would need to put a good amount of effort into supporting it specifically.  At the moment, we are focusing on the core experience on modern traditional browsers using a mouse.

We’ll keep your suggestion in mind going forward though.