Personal cube history

It probably isn’t a feature that would be very usefull, nonetheless I needed it yesterday, and I think it would be neat and could tie in with some potential future stuff.

it would be cool to have a personal cube history in your profile. personally, I needed it to report a problematic cube after already starting a new one, and not noting the problematic cube number. in its most basic form (cube #, date completed, score gained) it could be used to visualise the progress the player’s made in the overview (just the cube outlines in the overview, not the 3d view of the cubes themselves), and on your side, get stats about player activity throughout the week/month - see at what point people leave etc.

that basic form could be expanded by recording the coordinates of every click made by the player that colored a cell part that was selected when the player clicked “submit”. it would allow the player to re-create the 2d and 3d views of a previously done cube, and for example, compare it to the average after a cell has been completed when/f that feature gets implemented. (though after reading about eyewire a bit, I’m not sure if it’s possible to do it this way - from what I understand, your AI is constantly changing, becoming more accurate, so after a couple months the same set of clicks could create different results. I initially thought about recording click coordinates, because it seems like the least space-consuming method, but you may need to find a different way to store finished cubes)

further extensions may include:
- preview thumbnails, that would show the cube from the top and both
sides, for visual reference without the need to render the cube.
- comparing cubes between players
- bookmarking cubes into favourites
- opening old cubes in explorer mode (changes permanent, but not counted as a submitted solution)
- allow multiple people to work on the same cube at once (after implementing some form of player groups - cubes solved by groups could haveincreased importance the final solution, as they’re less likely to overlook something, though it might be hard to distribute points.)
- possibly other stuff that doesn’t come to my mind at the moment :wink:

This is actually very similar to something that we discussed not long ago.  It would be primarily to give users a way to look back over what they did and compare their results with the final answer.  Hopefully seeing what they missed and the extra that the did would help them improve their accuracy going forward.

We decided that there were bigger fish to fry at the time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we revisit this at some point.  Could be really useful.  Thanks for the ideas!

Yes – I think we are working on a personal cube history in the not so distant future. At the very least we will create an API stream so that player devs can hack on it and create their own!

To add to the feedback discussion I have now completed 3500 cubes; reported accuracy of 87%; 2% over and 20% under traced. These two numbers lead to a big puzzle. The 2% is OK and expected reasonable user error but the 20% under traced is a concern to me. I typically get 98% for the tutorials so I conclude that a) I am missing a whole class of objects that should be traced in and that b) I have absolutely no idea what they are.

To provide useful feedback I request that where it is determined that a cube is “badly traced” it should be sent back, or be able to be recalled by the submitter automatically appropriately coloured as per the tutorial. In this way it big errors would be obvious; and the immediate feedback would do much for the overall accuracy.

Trusting that I be clear.

Hey PhineasB

That’s a good suggestion and would be cool if it was something we could do. However, it would be tough because the cubes you are tracing in the game are new cubes that haven’t been completed or checked. There is no correct tracing to compare your work to until enough players have played it and there is enough consensus. The tutorial cubes are ones that have been completed and checked over so they already have a final version to compare your work to. 


Sounds like a cool feature but it could have problems with people that have say…80.000 cubes (like me) it could make the cubes history page/tab in profile very very slow/sluggish/laggy.

But yeah I like it overall. :smiley:


maybe it is possible to view my history, but only on the cells that are available in the overview ?

currently in the overview or a given cell, I can see :

  • the cubes mapped (in the color of the cell)
  • the cubes with a merger (in white)

Since Eyewire knows the cubes I have done on that cell, maybe it is possible to just color in another color the parts of the cell (= cubes) that I have traced.
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@xandrex we actually used to have pretty much that feature, though instead of by color the cubes you’d done had a little box around them.  It was taken away a while, but I believe it’s on our To Do list to get that feature back.  

Do you want to see what portion of the cell you’ve done?

Hey guys,

We are currently in the process of designing new ways to explore cells and we’re also going to implement a “challenge cube” mode at some point in the future! Stay tuned!

Will Silversmith
EyeWire Developer

Would be a nice idea, don’t know if its feasible, if in each player’s profile there was a tab, “history” and in it there were all the cubes validated by the player, with the player’s validation/solution in a 3D model and one of the consensus of that cube. I realise that for players that have like 80000+ cubes it could be a problem for server storage of all those 3D models, but it could help improve players accuracy. 

Maybe as an extra “safeguard” have the cubes made available after the cell has been placed in the completed or hidden lists so as to remove potential bias or have players grab captures of their solutions in active cells and share them in general chat which would also create bias with other players.