Personal Best

This may have been thought of but would it be possible to add a PB to the profile. I m thinking that if a player could mark a start time and play. After say 1 hour the system would close the challenge. The PBscore would be on the profile. Sometimes if I am in the mood and the bandwidth is good and the cell etc etc, I think I could go for it. Most of us can’t really compete with others (though the competitions are fun) but we can always do this and the net effect might be to increase output and interest.

Hey 1sigor! This is a great idea. I’ve passed it along to some of the developers, and they thought it to be really cool as well. Having a personal best to play against, kind of like a ghost racer, may just increase interest and add a new layer of accomplishment to the mix. However we are, at the moment, pretty tied up in a bunch of other stuff, but we will keep this in mind for the future!