Pan in 3D view

I’d like to be able to pan in the 3D view. Right now zooming only zooms in on the center of the volume. I tried ctrl-drag, but that only works in the 2D view, not the 3D view.

Try right click and drag. 
Sorry that everything is not fully documented yet.

That works, thanks!

I am getting a “Nay” on WebGL support. I use Firefox 11.0 and the 3D view have been working fine some days ago??


Hi Jens, Are you saying that the 3D view is not working anymore and you are getting the “WebGL is disabled. To find out how to enable it, click here” message in the 3D panel? Was there any recent change to your computer at all? For example, you changed your video card, installed new software, etc. 


WebGL is disabled
Find out how to enable it by
clicking here

There is no hardware change, but there may have been a update of Firefox


Could you try the instructions on the "configure your browser" section? That is,

Type "about:config" at the address bar and make sure "webgl.disabled" is set to false. 
If it is already set to false, check for "webgl.force-enabled" and set it as true. Then try again EyeWire. 
If it still doesn't work, try setting "webgl.force_osmesa" as true.

Please let me know how it goes. 

Yes I have done that. When I started, I got a Yay but it still dident work. Then I did the WebGL thing, and then it workt fine, until a few days ago.


Then, can you try installing the latest version of DirectX, if you are a Windows user? 

I now have installed direktx 11.0. Thay dosent change anything.
I can see in my Firefox opdate history, that I got updated 18. of marts and I can see that there is somthing thanged in 3D WebGL, maybe it has something to do with that?
link to details on the update



Try and go to windows “start” menu -> run -> enter dxdiag
 * Is there any problem reported on “DirectX Files” tab? 
 * Are “DirectDraw Acceleration” and “Direct3D Acceleration” enabled on “Display” tab? 

Then next, is the driver for your video controller properly working? 

And finally, could you try Google Chrome and check if 3D viewer works on it? 

I have checkt DirectX files tab: no error in notes, and the other two are enablede
driver seem okay
I will try Crome


I have now tryed Crome. at first it was the same, but after changing two things in About:flags 

“Override software rendering list” is enabled

“GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D” is enabled
it works fine with 3D view :slight_smile:


PS. Firefox still dont. :frowning:

It’s weird. In general Firefox is compatible to more various environment, such as models of video controller, versions of their driver, operating systems, etc. but in your case Chrome works while Firefox doesn’t. 

Can you tell me about your system? The version of the Windows, model of your video controller, and version of driver for it. And of course you installed DirectX 11 and tried both Firefox 11 and Chrome 17. 

And could you try just one more thing for the last time? Try updating your video controller driver if available and check again if Firefox works.

Thanks for your cooperation. We are gathering important information from your case. 

I have Win XP, video controller is ATI Excalibur X300 SE, driver version: from ATI


OK, that is somewhat old graphics card and doesn’t support WebGL by default. That’s why you had to set “force enable” thing on the browsers. Let’s fiddle a little more on Firefox. Please go back to “about:config” page, and set

webgl.force-enabled=true (this you already did)

This is really the last thing I know of !!

new(er) driver: 8.593.100.0 (5-6 years newer :-)) and thats a no go with Firefox, but Chrome is still good at the 3D.


I have set the last two things in config, but still no 3D, and the 3D overview is loading for ever.


Hi, even when I useing an envidia GPU and a led 42" full HD the image resolution is really poor, I tried zooming the image but it gets smoller not sharper. how can I fix this???

Thanks a lot 


Hey Pablo,

Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, that’s the actually resolution of the images and is one of the reasons it’s so hard to do this with machine learning. :wink: Each EyeWire cube is 256 cubic pixels, and each pixel is 16.5 nm across and long and 23 nm deep. Since we’re looking at such small features of cells, it gets a bit pixelated. If we zoomed out, you would see a very sharp picture, but it would be hard to see the dendrites we care about.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Will Silversmith
EyeWire Developer