Overview searching filters for scouts and scythes

Hello, for my first post on the Forum and want to suggest a feature.

As a scout i’m always… scouting. I lost a lot of time viewing all cubes and searching for details because i have no more options.

Because i can view players profiles, i know that a few are under a certain accuracy, or others are advanced players, admins and so.

It could be really usefull to have a “Filters panel” to show/hide cubes for specific categories.

Exemple : if i want to see only cubes that are trailblazed by player with low accuracy, or see cubes played by a specific player which i know don’t like details, nubs, dust… it could save a lot of time !

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi Kfay,

Thanks for your feature suggestion! I can understand the want to have more filtered results for inspecting cells and cubes. So I can understand better what your suggesting, could you describe where you’d like a filters panel? Would this be for the scouts log with a list of cube id’s or like a heat map such as the low weight one?


Hi Sorek !

I think it would be more convenient if it could be in scout panel, with simple searching field which allow to only show cubes with active search field word, for exemple

I feel a feature where you can search for specific player or only tb will be to personal (would work i think if you could seek after how manny scouts and scythes played it or players with +95 % acc), think perhaps you could have a heatmap on how sure the consensus is if all players did get it it is probably correct but if fewer players had it, it could be merger or a heatmap with ghost feature if only one added it preferably this ghost go away if sc one time.