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After scouting for three months, I noticed that I have a tenancy to inspect a single cube several times, even if I already think that it is good. This proves to be very annoying, as I have a lofty goal to flag 500 cubes by the end of the year, and I am already way behind schedule. I spend at least half of the time clicking on the same cubes (probably because they are big, and I figure that they have some sort of missing nub), but I have a somewhat simple solution.
My idea is this: You can use some sort of keyboard shortcut (or double-click or something) to highlight a cube in overview, to tell yourself that you already checked and am happy with it. Also, you should be the only one to see your own highlights, so you don’t confuse everyone else with weird colors. That is also why I am thinking that this may be better in a new heatmap. And, if HQ is feeling brave, then maybe there could be multiple colors that indicate different things to help yourself navigate overview even better, like some kind of custom overview template! I don’t know how much work will be to implement, but if HQ pulls this off, I and many scythes will be infinitely grateful :smiley_cat:
If you are unsure of anything I just said, please tell me so I can explain better. And sorry for the long email :upside_down:

Keep being awesome!!!

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as a scythe we already have this feature with the scythe complete but for some reason scouts do not have it. that is one of the reasons i did little scouting when i was a scout.
I think the easiest way would be to add a new colour to mark it as scout complete perhaps light yellow for all to see as this is already the scout colour, that is overshadowed by purple, and also link this colour to the show me me button. so a scout would be able to see where he/she has already been.

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Dont scouts have show me me?

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Hi Peridot,

Thanks for the suggestion! I can understand getting lost while looking for cubes to flag. Generally, we’ve approached scouting as a “if you find it while playing or it’s obvious in overview, then please flag the cube”. I’ll pass along your suggestion.

@Nseraf Unfortunately, scouts do not have Show Me Me as that works only with completing.



Ah ok that makes sense then, but if im not mistaken 1 click shows complete 2 click shows scythed cubes 3 click normal? It could maybe be edited to show flags? I think thatd do what peri wants :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks sorek! And I would love the show me me thing, whatever that is :upside_down:

@annkri The whole light yellow thing sounds like a good idea to me =]

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one click show your completed cubes, 2 ed click show where everyone else have completed. 3 rd is normal


aah ok lol, goes to show you how often I do (NOT) use it lol :stuck_out_tongue: