One Hunt prep slot open for the June Hunt


Hi Scythes! I just wanted to post a quick note saying that because we didn’t get a full 4 volunteers for prepping the next Hunt, if you have worked on a Hunt before then you are welcome to join in this time around. That is, if you didn’t qualify to do it during February’s Hunt, but you have prior Hunt experience and would like to repeat, drop a comment here! Currently I have 3 people listed and will be e-mailing them Hunt instructions on the 15th; that number should be sufficient, but since there’s technically 1 other slot open it seems only fair to let Hunt prep enthusiasts know they have an opportunity.

Idk whether to make this first come, first serve, or just let folks comment and negotiate. But if you aren’t selected right off the bat, feel free to consider yourself an alternate in case somebody drops out!

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im here obvi lol


Somehow I figured. :wink: Let’s see if anyone else responds in the next week, just to be sure, but thank you!

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lol what can I say I’m predictable when it comes to Hunts :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah sounds fair. :slight_smile:


Okay, no one else has chimed in so you are the one! Folks should expect a Hunt e-mail on Tuesday.

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Am I down for the hunt? I honestly cannot remember if I responded to your email or not.

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Yep, you’re on the list!


hope i am also on the list :slight_smile:
(you affirmed per mail)

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Yes, you are!

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