One Hunt prep slot open for October Hunt


Hi Scythes! Following how I posted a similar notice here in June, I want to let you know that we didn’t get a full 4 volunteers for prepping the next Hunt. If you have worked on a Hunt before then you are welcome to join in this time around. That is, if you didn’t qualify to do it during June’s Hunt, but you have prior Hunt experience and would like to repeat, drop a comment here! Currently I have 3 people listed and will be e-mailing them Hunt instructions on the 12th; that number should be sufficient, but since there’s technically 1 other slot open I’m letting Hunt prep enthusiasts know they have an opportunity. First come, first serve!


If no one else comes forth, you can count on me, but since I’ve done this a few times now, if anyone else expresses interest either here or in email plz do select them. :slight_smile:


Understood! Consider yourself first in line for now, but we’ll give others until the 12th to sneak in.

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Hope i am in the list of the three? You just confirmed some hours before my request ? Anyway, i would like to help prepare next hunt :slight_smile:

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Day late and dollar short, lol. I’d be happy to help too, but it looks like you’ve got quite the standby list already :slight_smile:

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Yep, you are already confirmed!

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It sounds like you may be ahead of Nik if you want to be.

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I’d be tickled to do it, but I dont wanna take it from @Nseraf if he has his heart set on it

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Well if you’re gonna be ticked lol, how much ticked? Is it a little or a lot? :stuck_out_tongue: Either way like I said, if anyone else wants it ya can have it :slight_smile:


chuffed? I think chuffed is the equivalent to tickled


lol ik both words, just messing with ya

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Lol, i never know when it comes to international slang

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lol, all right, so Atani you’re our number 4?

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please! unless someone else really really really wants it

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