Older cubes with corrected trace

Hi !

I was wondering if it could be possible :

Adding the possibility to view older cubes (already corrected and completed), viewing my trace AND the correction, for accuracy learning purpose.
It would be awesome !


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and when you’d reach 50k cubes (much less 250k like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) eyewire would crash on you trying to pull data from 50.000 cubes or 100,000 or even 2000 lol but dunno maybe devs have something in the pipeline they’re preparing lol

lol, you killing me !
Well, i hope for a hundred of cubes remaining, that would be enough.

Hope i were there for your 250k badge :wink:

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lol thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Kfay,

We completely understand the desire for feedback and to see corrected cubes. It would help with educating players too. However, a “corrected cube history” would require a new system to be built and there is always the issue of a reasonable time window for feedback. As we move forward with developing Neo, we’re keeping this kind of feedback system in mind. We want to help our players become better players too :slight_smile:


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Well, i’m waiting for NEO with great impatience !
Thanks for the Reply sorek, i totally understand the dev’s constraints :wink:

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