OK so I have been trying to GET STARTED and cannot seem to do that

I really want to do this.  Every time I get started I don’t seem to understand what to do.  What am I doing?  Replicating something?  If so what?  I understand that there is a right screen with something I am supposed to do and a left screen that shows something in 3 dimensions.  BUT WHAT?   I receive the nicest notes telling me that I am “missed” and would love to participate but cannot seem to figure it out.  I am a retired psychologist and am VERY interested in this.  Am I too much of a Luddite?  Please someone and thanks.  

the right part of the screen is the 2D, the slices of the retinal sample, the left side is the 3D representation of the 2D.

The 2D are the EM scans (electronic Microscope) that have been stacked in the computer so we can scroll them back and forth.

Its essentially an advanced colouring book. If you see you have the original blue -default colour- AI seed/part and around it and all the other neurons/dendrites in the 2D there’s black borders, you must scroll through the 2D slices either with the key buttons in your keyboard or the middle mouse wheel and search in the 2D where the AI has stopped colouring and continue it, usually but not always it will reach another cube’s wall, but it can end at some point in-cube as a nub.

Also sometimes there are cubes (a lot of them) that the AI has actually not missed something, you can just submit those. 

The 3D helps as if you see something jagged or rough in the 3D it usually means there’s something missing/wrong there. Neurons are smooth and round (usually).

Let me know here or in the game if you have any further questions.

Hi Myrna,

As Nseraf said, you are looking at both a 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional view of a block of retinal tissue from a mouse retina.  The 3D is on the left-hand side of the screen, with the 2D on the right.  

Each slice in the 2D corresponds with one layer of the 3D.  When stacked on top of each other the 2D slices make a 3D model of a neural branch.  It is your job to piece together the correct segments in the 2D to make a 3D model of the branch that spans from one side of the cube to the other.

For more on how to play, see this entry on our wiki page: