No game


I signed up but nothing happens when I click the START button.  The interface doesn't look anything like what is pictured in the instructions.

None of the tools show up and the SETTINGS BUTTON, ? BUTTON and SOUND button do not work.

Attached is a picture of what I get when i click the the START button.


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Hi drdaddio,

Sorry it’s not working for you.  From the screenshot, it looks like WebGL isn’t available or enabled.  What browser/OS are you using?
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Hi Matt,

I have the same problem. I am using IE8 and I saw your post here, so I installer WebGL for IE. I am now able to open thw Wiki, but I still do not get a game. At the bottom of the IE screen, It says Done, but with errors on page. Any further advice?



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Hi Karen,

My advice is not to use IE.  We don't support any versions of it.  Chrome is our best supported browser.  Latest Firefox should work well too.
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I just installed chrome and when I press play nothing happens.  More ideas? I’d really like to do this.

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Love the ideia started helping ! Do you have a ideia how much time it will take to finish the whole brain ? And then after do you have any ideia how to solve this question ? :smiley:

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I was having the same issue until I installed some updates and rebooted 

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You guys should REALLY support IE. Chrome and Firefox are not good options compared to IE. I’d hate to install either one just to do this.

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Hi Timmo,

We’re not purposefully excluding IE.  IE does not support WebGL (which allows us to give you guys interactive 3D graphics that EyeWire requires), Microsoft has no plans to make IE support WebGL.  Until they change their mind there’s not a lot we can do.

Installing Chrome or Firefox is really easy and won’t cause issues on your computer.   This link will give you a download link and instructions.  If you need help beyond that I’d be happy to oblige.  
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What about Microsoft Edge?

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Hi radioactive7,

We’re still not able to officially support IE or Edge. However, I do believe that the latest IE version/Edge has some WebGL capabilities now. If you chose to use that browser to play Eyewire, you do so at your own peril. Good luck!


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