Nkem_test updates


Hi everyone,

We are planning to make some updates to the nkem_test chat bot. These are the commands we currently have or plan to add:

!explore - explains Explore Mode
!blob - explains some cube anomalies
!tb - explains trailblazing
!profile - explains profiles
!faq - links to our (dated) FAQ
!merger - explains mergers
!points - explains points system
!about - links to our About page
!videos - links to the tutorial videos
!debug - explains the /debug command
!colors - explains chat colors
!payment - “Your payment are points and honor - your reward the good feeling to do this FOR SCIENCE! :D”
!tips - links to our “how to get better at Eyewire” blog post
!start - explains how to start playing
!grimreaper - explains Grim
!whysoserious - our good old response to people with negative feelings about Eyewire
!lowscore - explains low point cubes
!screenshot - explains how to take a screenshot and share it
!rules - links to the chat rules
!sponsor - explains sponsored promotions
!roles - explains promoted roles
!bugs - explains how to best make a bug report
!command - links to our post about keyboard commands
!manual - links to the current version of the Scouts & Scythes manual

And we are also going to work on a way to occasionally link that video some of you have requested when players earn 666 points. :wink:

But besides all of the above, is there anything else that you would like to have the bot link to on command? Please let us know!


i would like a command that say: click on your 2d picture and colour inside the lines from the dark blue seed. You can move and change planes using the arrows, mousewheel or w, a, s, d on your keyboard

i would also like a command explaining why this is helping science

!chat that link to a wiki page where all chat commands including playerscript are listed (you forgot the !w and for science! command in your list)

!colours need to be updated with mystic and perhaps highscore

perhaps also a !NEO with explanation and link to it when it is ready
and a !zfish to explain that there is other dataset where the AI can do more of the work than in Eyewire

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From the suggestions sheet:

A !ping command (or something similar) which shows the amount of ping between you and the eyewire server, similar to this photo:


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Where’s the !help that asks “how can I help you?”


I’m afraid our bot is a little too dumb for that haha

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A celebratory sound when someone makes an achievement? Even if it’s just nkem_test telling the player congrats, I’d miss less achievements if chat made some sort of sound when they happened.

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