Neuro Science News: Whats new....?


Found this news article interesting about what else others are doing to pull together global research on the human brain.

Please post your highlights, any thoughts it prompts or any other interesting Neuro Science News.


Cool! I would have loved to go to that meetings!

Here’s another interesting Nature article about a group at The Allen Institute that is studying live human neurons!


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Heres a new one from me

Topical read on the science of fear…


Society for Neuroscience just released an interactive 3D brain with detailed information about each region. Check it out at


Thanks Amy another cool resource to learn more about he Brain in general.

Spotted this one today, more information about Mouse Brains…

Was this one of Harold’s relatives? (the mouse we got out data-set from)


News article for the Mystics:

Zebra fish alertness findings:


News article on why EW is easier after a good nights sleep:


Interesting article on links between spatial navigation and communication, both important aspects for tracing the brain in EW.


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the one day @susi found this by accident lol


Glial cells, not neurons, lead the way in brain assembly


As I am back on Eyewire again after a break away, picking up this thread again. is a great resource to find interesting articles around other endeavors for science.

My favorite one today is as its all about news ways to image the brain.

Please post your highlights, any thoughts it prompts or any other interesting Neuro Science News.


I don’t have anything from that website, but I have websites to look up neuroscience news, like: has good stuff. I like their visual layout here:
Allen brain atlas:




Here is a article about someone that have managed to discover what kind of cells is making us understand the distance and direction to the things around us.


Cool! I tried looking for any examples of the structures of the cells in the paper (grid, place, border and head-direction), but I couldn’t find any. I wonder what they look like?

The best I could find was this image of speed cells (also in the medial entorhinal cortex):

The paper that had that image is here:
Seems that they are still trying to figure out the connectivity between the neurons in the medial entorhinal cortex and hippocampus.