Neo Update!

Wrote up a brief update on the latest with Neo!

Post any questions you may have here and we’ll try to get answers for you in the near future. I’ve already been tasked with making a side-by-side image comparing the size of dendrites and axons, so that’s coming!


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If my computer won’t support the cell museum, how likely is it to support neo? It looks interesting, but I’m a little concerned my hardware and internet connection will not allow it to be playable for me. Are y’all gonna test it on a crappy laptop at a starbucks? lol! :joy: :coffee: :computer:


lol, well after 4 years of playing ew (4 years on Nov 17 lol wooo!) and from interactions in chat I think something like this:

is the average (50%-90%) player’s rig, and usually on a 3mbs-24mbs connection. If neo can (easily) play on that yay, if not…probably 50-80% of playership can’t play it.

Avg player doesn’t have my kind of rig lol, you are likelier to find my rig in players who play COD, and they are not likely to throw ew/neo a second glance lol, they are likely the ppl who spam/swear in chat and then leave to never come back again b/c teachers made them play :joy:

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We aim to make it work on crappy laptops at starbucks! :slight_smile: