Neo Avatar Ideas


What if there was a brainspace cap, where whichever neurons are firing in a person’s head, it projects around it (maybe onto glass or something). So if people are thinking, whoever’s near them can see it happening in real-time.

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Hey Amy! I think it would be really cool if you could have small mythical creatures that sit next to you or hover/fly around you. Creatures could include fairies, willow of the wisps, a tiny tree creature that may or may not very closely resemble Groot… Heck, the creatures don’t even have to be magical! They could just be cats, dogs, monkeys, and so on. Idk, I just think it would be cool to have a creature beside your avatar. Can’t wait for the finished product!


I love the suggestion re animals, and am also a fan of tardigrades.
How about laser scythes? Maybe with different color beams.
Perhaps ability to give certain items to other players?
Bag/backpack should be like the Tardis - much larger on the inside than on the outside. Or perhaps you only get a Tardis bag at a certain level.

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If we’re adding a cardboard box from TF2, you could add items/costumes from other games… Just about the only one that I can think of immediately is the eyeball staff from wizMUD that makes eyeball bats follow you around:
Tardigrades get a vote from me too.


Those old 3D glasses are a must as well imo.


Ooh, wearing them could apply an Anaglyph 3D filter to the whole game so if you actually have those glasses you can play the game in headache-inducing 3D.


i like the idea of beeing awarded different glasses you could use that give different colours on the neurons like red tint, sepia, rainbow, black and white, more or less contrast or shadows etc some of them could be a help tracing and other could be impossible to trace in, but fun to watch or take picture of.

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Great pic! It’s my guess however that we won’t be able to include anything directly taken from another game for copyright reasons. I suppose we could potentially add items that parody or allude to another title though


Ah nice, I like the idea of being able to take a pic of neurons with a filter based on an obtained item, cool idea!


Yeah, I imagine straight yoinking designs wouldn’t be a good idea. Could potentially ask the designer for permission, though.


We can definitely be inspired by other games though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for all these suggestions! I’ve added them to the list.

It seems tardigrades are a favorite so rest assured they will make an appearance as a special pet!


Related idea, preferred pronouns on the profile or somewhere visible would be a welcome addition.

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Any progress update on Neo? :slight_smile:


Here is a chat transcript on news about Neo
amy> we’re making good progress on the editing tools of neo

17:00 amy> one of the main actions is split and that’s pretty complicated computationally but that is finally working-ish. And Chris has added a basic user authentication that allows people

17:00 amy> to login and have varying access/privelages

17:01 annkri> split like in how you are splitting cells in a and b now?

17:01 amy> We’re not working on the game side yet until a few more features make progress

17:01 amy> yes sort of

17:03 amy> here’s an example of what would be some simple splits

17:04 amy> I say simple because it’s just 2 cells, sometimes it’s like 8 cells all hairballed together

17:05 amy> or imagine checing this guy…

17:05 annkri> so it is like instead of despawning merger branches you split it of and start a new cell?

17:05 amy> we have to build more tools that allow you to isolate branches and something similar to eyewire highlight

17:05 amy> you actually split the mesh in half at the merge point and delete the merger

17:13 annkri> do you think it is long before we can betatest the part of the game you have finished? was interpreting the game side you said earlier as the “story” tutorial etc