Mystic OV meshe quality

Could it be possible to have the quality mesh in OV to Low ?
It settled it to low in configuration, but it work only for “in-cube”. When i’m in OV the more i walk near the mesh, the more quality it is.
I would like to lock the quality to low as it is better visual/understanding of the mesh.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Not sure it’s possible, that’s how overview has worked since 2012 lol, (at least in this regard), even in “normal ew” the more you zoom in the more detailed it gets (which is great, that’s how we find missing/merger stuff) lol but yeah in zfish the staircasing is real lol.

Hi Kfay,

Unfortunately that feature is not currently available in Eyewire. We can consider building a static mesh in the future, but we do have a lot of other development projects in the works that are taking priority at the moment.

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So thank you for the reply Celia, i tried :yum:

Keep up the good dev’ !

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