Most beautiful neuron branches?


I wanted to know: what’s the most artful/beautiful branch of neurons that you’ve seen?
I’m just curious to know.

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Um, there was a really beautiful neuron a long time ago, 13.11. Check out comments 431+ in Gallery of amusements to see what I mean

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Here are some beautiful branches (large filesize so they may load slowly) rendered from Eyewire neurons. You can see even more in this gallery. I’ve been poking around in Cinema 4D so hopefully we will have some new ones soon!

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Did I just witness beauty of epic proportions that my eyes maxed out? I think I did. I love that you said the software. I’ll check it out. I love looking at rendering software to fiddle with until I can make use of them properly!

Update: Most people at the makerspace I used to go to used fusion 360, but that was for 3d printing stuff. Not sure if it helps. Cinema 4d looks like it tells a story, where each object has character, which is heavily detailed to the point someone feels things happening and what the object has contributed towards that - through its features. In a 3d printing class, I used tinkercad to make a 3d object.

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Cool! You can also use Blender, which is free.

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Sadly I don’t have a picture of the most beautiful i’ve seen, and it was a merger so I’ve not seen it again. But there was an entire neuron that looked almost like a cluster of grapes, it had the most beautiful round boutons you’d ever seen. That neuron is my white whale.

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Perhaps something like this? in cube #3502837

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do you remember the cell? Maybe you can jump back to that cell and look around if you do remember. It took me 17 years to find my long, lost childhood book’s title. But I did it and you could hopefully too.